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The most powerful changes in our lives usually come about from a place of crisis.

For me, it was my doctor telling me I was on the road to a triple bypass or a lifetime of medication if something did not change.

Although I had always been an active, energetic person, I was also at a crossroads when it came to my lifestyle. In my career as a mechanical engineer, I had the opportunity to work for Fortune 500 companies, managing multimillion dollar construction and environmental projects. Yet even though I was successfully thriving in my career, I was failing in my health. My stress levels were off the charts, my cholesterol was high, and I had a diagnosis of prediabetes.

That visit with my doctor lit a fire under me like nothing else ever had. Staring down the face of a potential health crisis, I saw very clearly that health is the greatest wealth we can own — and mine was slipping through my fingers.

Igniting powerful change through health and wellness

So, I started making changes. I ramped up my workouts to better manage my stress. Yet, the magic really started to happen when I changed my eating habits. I moved away from highly processed foods and focused instead on nutritious whole foods. I became more intentional about the quality of the food I ate and the supplements I took. The result - I transformed my health. I was no longer prediabetic, lowered my cholesterol, increased my energy levels, and felt better than I had in years.

I began to see the human body as nature’s most perfectly designed machine. If we take proper care of ourselves and fuel our bodies with the right foods, we can do and be anything. Energized by my personal transformation, I wanted to share this experience with other people who were facing health concerns and did not know where to turn.

If you are ready to ignite change in your life, join us! I invite you to check out our information-packed blog and explore our recipe bundles, body detoxification program, and more. Or reach out to us to find out more about how Ignians can help you thrive.


Wishing you excellent health and happiness,

Ignians Founder

I am ready to ignite change!